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Fit My Feet Sioux Falls

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Our Sioux Falls Team

Nick Kolterman

Owner and Pedorthist

Read about Nick

My name is Nick Kolterman and I am a board-certified pedorthist. I have a very strong passion for what I do helping patients as a pedorthist. It is our job to work in reference with the physician or other licensed healthcare prescriber including MD, DC, DPM, PT and DO to help fabricate the correct orthotic, shoe or brace to help with feet, hip, back or knee problems. We evaluate all aspects of biomechanics.

As a Pedorthist we are the EXPERTS who design, manufacture, modify and fit footwear, including custom foot and ankle orthoses, to alleviate foot problems caused by disease, overuse, or injury.

My care toward the patient is treating you like I would treat one of my family. I look forward to helping you get back to health.

Norfolk, NE

Position with Fit My Feet:

Hunting and fishing

Favorite Quote:
“God left you on earth for a purpose, DO IT!”

Wanbadi “Zeph” Z.


Read about Zeph

Hometown: Lake Anders, SD

Position: Operations Management

School Attended: Andes Central, Roosevelt High School, South East Tech

Hobbies / Interests: Sports, Family, Outdoors, Movies

Any other personal info you want to share: My blood type is the same as my outlook on life: “Be Positive!”

Favorite Quote: “The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whos shade you don’t expect to sit.”

What do you like about working at FMF: Being able to advocate for diabetic awareness and help treat patients with it.

Bob J.

Inventory Manager

Read about Bob

Hometown: Wickliffe, Ohio

Position: Inventory Manager

School Attended: Ohio State University

Hobbies / Interests: Walking, Football, Reading

Any other personal info you want to share: Looking forward to semi-retirement in 2022!

Favorite Quote: “Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.”

What do you like about working at FMF: The challenge of managing the logistics of managing products from multiple vendors.

Chris O.

Assistant Manager

Read about Chris

From: Sioux Falls, SD

Position: Store Manager Brookings

Schooling: O’Gorman High Grad and went to SDSU and USF

Hobbies/Interests: Weightlifting, Cooking, Reading, Travelling, Enjoy Hiking and Boating

Other Info: Have worked at fitness centers and chiropractic clinics. Like to try food from other countries.

Favorite thing about working at FMF: Helping people feel better and able to accomplish their goals pain-free.

Shannon E.

Certified Shoe Fitter

Read about Shannon

Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD

Schools Attended: Roosevelt High, Colorado Tech, Heritage College

Hobbies/Interests: Spending time with my 4-year-old, gym, journaling.

Any other personal info you wish to share: I’m grateful to be working here again!

Favorite Quote: “Be the person you want to meet.”

What you like about working at FMF?  The positive and friendly environment. 

Jason P.

Certified Shoe Fitter

Read about Jason

Hometown: Watertown, SD

School(s) Attended: Watertown High School, South Dakota State University

Hobbies/Interests: Sports, spending time with family and friends

Favorite Quote: “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life!” – Muhammed Ali

What you like about working at FMF?  The family, atmosphere, and our great customers!!

Chris L.

Certified Shoe Fitter

Read about Chris

Hometown: Merced, CA

Schools Attended: Roosevelt High, Augustana, Southeast Tech

Hobbies/Interests: Anthing sports related

Any other personal info you wish to share: USAF active duty veteran.

What you like about working at FMF? Great atmosphere!

Matt W.

Lab Manager

Read about Matt

Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD

Position with Fit My Feet: Lab Manager Sioux Falls

School Attended: Augustana University

Hobbies/Interests: Tabletop role-playing games and miniature molding.

Favorite Quote: “Quote 42 Unquote-Douglas Adams!”

What do you like about working at Fit My Feet?: Helping people live better lives. Our family atmosphere and GREAT co-workers.

Missy S.

Orthotic and Shoe Modification Specialist

Read about Missy

Nikki G.

Insurance Specialist

Read about Nikki

Hometown: Urbandale, IA

School(s) Attended: Johnston High School, Des Moines Area Community College

Hobbies/Interests: Watching sports (Packers, Cubs, Blackhawks). Spending time with family & friends.

Favorite Quote: “For every dark night there’s a brighter day!”

What you like about working at FMF?  How we work as a family!!


Sales Associate

Read about Justin

Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD

School(s) Attended: Lincoln High School

Hobbies/Interests: Sports, playing the piano.

Something people should know: I love learning new things.

Favorite Quote: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

What you like about working at FMF?  The flexibility, shoes, and meeting new people.

Elmaz M.

Certified Shoe Fitter

Read about Elmaz

Hometown: Born in Unna, Germany. Longtime Sioux Falls resident. 

School Attended: Lincoln High School

Hobbies/Interests: Art, cinema, video games.

Something people should know: Has three dogs – Leo, Obi, and Rue

Favorite Quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” – Wayne Gretzky – Michael Scott

Samuel K.

Sales Associate

Read about Samuel
Hometown: Aberdeen, SD
School Attended: Aberdeen Central High School, MCLA, and STC
Hobbies/Interests: Rugby, Fantasy Football, Cooking, Traveling. Anything to keep my body moving and my hands out of my pockets. 
Any other personal info: I love helping people in any way I can. I’ve always been a shoe fanatic and since working I’ve loved being able to combine shoes and helping people to the best of my ability. 
Favorite quote: Work before play.
What do you like about working at FMF? I’m looking forward to focusing on customers’ needs and finding and creating the best solution for them to feel better.

Halliegh F.

Human Resources

Read about Halliegh

Hometown: Hampton, IA

School Attended: Hampton Dumont High School

Hobbies/Interests: Spending time with family and friends, traveling and exploring new places

Favorite Quote: Success is no accident. It is hard work, learning, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.